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My desire to find my friends from the 60's led me to discover Sky River's reincarnation at the original location in Sultan, once again a local idea with no big promoters, and a non-profit benefit. Sky 17' has embraced my reunion effort.

Thanks to Jill Hatcher, promoter of this year’s Sky River Rock Festival, without whose friendship I might not have come to Sky 17’ and met some of the original Tribe of Sky 68’.

Thank you very much Torre Ofteness and Bruce Howard, for the images of Sky 68’, and thanks to David LaFlamme, Pete Larson, George Barnes, Dan Roth, Mitch Greenhill, Jim, Jodie, Dale Lund, Leonard George, old Hippy Tom, Donna Murphy, Carolyn Eslick, for sharing your Sky River 68’ stories, or for just contacting me. Brad Dahlquist, I really appreciate your pointing out the exact location of Betty’s farm, and that although there never seemed to be more than 1500-2,000 festival-goers there at any given time, in a 8-10 acre meadow, many obviously did come and go over the course of 3 days, and many were out of sight of the cameras, hunkered down under the trees (like David LaFlamme, when he wasn’t onstage playing with ‘It’s A Beautiful Day’, his band.

I’m also still very interested in communicating with Sky 68’ festival-goers, friends or relatives who might have any stories, images, artifacts from the festival. We are working on this project, but it takes time and work to chronicle this puppy. I’ve never met so many people who seemed to have temporary amnesia when it comes to the above, perhaps it’s not unusual considering the times back then.

I’m investing in archive research this winter, which isn’t easy or free, and it would seem there might be some interesting stuff on microfiche which hasn’t been digitized, if i can figure out what it is and where it is!

I plan on attending some of the music/arts festivals in the Seattle area next summer, with an expanded/improved multi-media exhibit. The folks I’ve listed above have helped shape my perspective on the Sky 68’ ‘Happening’, and by sharing our stories we’ve learned more about ourselves, individually and collectively, I believe.

See you at Sky River Rock Festival 2018, I hope!

Be sure to join our Facebook Reunion page at https://www.facebook.com/SkyRiverDude/

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